Please note: The information on this page includes details about male anatomy, and also addresses the sexual benefits of sugaring. If you are uncomfortable with that level of specificity, please hit the back button.


Men come to Studio Smooth for hair removal of many different body parts: back, chest, neck, face, legs, abdomen and genitals. You can’t believe those ridiculous movies which show horribly painful waxing. Even waxing isn’t THAT bad, and sugaring is much milder.

This page will focus on the “nether regions” – an area of special expertise for StudioSmooth, and the part of the body that draws the most questions.

  • How much to remove

    • Many men who come to StudioSmooth are not sure how much genital hair they want removed. There is so much confusion about terminology, especially the word Brazilian. Click herefor the StudioSmooth definitions.
    • For the male (like the female), hair can be taken off everything. If you request a Bare-All Brazilian, hair typically will be removed from the scrotum, the base of the penis and the perineum.
    • Some men are concerned about the scrotum because it is such sensitive skin. Your esthetician sugarist is trained to be extremely careful, and she will sugar the scrotum in very small sections. Or some men will choose to have everything done except for the scrotum, which on some men does not have much hair.
  • The process and the positions
    • Once in the treatment room, the esthetician will ask some health-related questions and show you what the sugar looks like. She then will excuse herself so that you can undress from the waist down. There will be a towel on the massage table to drape across your middle as you lie on your back.
    • Skin must be taut in order for the sugar to remove hair. Most skin is fairly taut already, but the scrotum, of course, is the loosest skin on the human body. Thus the scrotum needs to be pulled taut before the sugar is applied. You will help do this; the esthetician will ask you to use one or both hands to position your skin correctly. While you pull in one direction, the sugarist may use her gloved hand to pull in the other direction in order to keep the skin taut. You also will be asked to position the penis as needed to move it out of the way of the scrotum and inner thigh.
    • Please be assured that your esthetician is prepared for ANY eventuality, and understands the special circumstances of the male client. She may on occasion suggest that it is time for a short break and will step out of the room for a few moments.
  • Designs
    • With the Bare-All Brazilian, some men choose to have a design on the skin just above the penis. Common shapes include a heart and an arrow.
    • At StudioSmooth, the “bottom line” is that we will do whatever you want within our guidelines of health and safety.
  • Sexual benefits
    • Many men extol the sexual benefits of sugaring. They say that “going bare” makes them feel sexier, and that their partners find them more attractive.
    • Beyond those sexy feelings, there actually are physical benefits. For thousands of years medical experts have known that while hair enhances warmth, it is not as clean as bare skin. Hair can easily hold unsanitary substances!
    • It is advised that you wait at least 24 hours after sugaring to have intercourse, which can irritate the newly bare skin.
  • When and how often to sugar
    • The best results occur when sugaring regularly. After the first sugaring, the hair should be removed early during the growth cycle, typically when it is between 1/32 and 1/8 inch. Hair growth is faster for some than others, but the usual recommendation is to get sugared every 3-6 weeks. Clients who return for a “maintenance sugaring” within that time period are offered a discount. As you continue sugaring, fewer and fewer hairs will grow back, and eventually the time period between sugarings can be lengthened.
  • More information
    • If you have questions not answered here, please send them to
    • Your skin will thank you!