Please note: The information on this page includes details about female anatomy, and also addresses the sexual benefits of sugaring. If you are uncomfortable with that level of specificity, please hit the back button.


For women, the two most popular body parts for hair removal are the eyebrows and the privates. Since eyebrow hair removal is quite straightforward, this page will focus on the “nether regions” – an area of special expertise for StudioSmooth.

Most people believe that sugaring males is more involved than sugaring females, and in terms of anatomy that tends to be true. But females have many more sugaring choices, so in that respect the girls are just as complicated as the boys!

  • How much to remove
    • Many women who come to StudioSmooth do not truly know how much hair they want removed. There is so much confusion about terminology, especially the word Brazilian. Click here  for the StudioSmooth definitions. Many women are not sure if they want to leave a little hair, or where, or how attractive that will be. StudioSmooth can help: We can leave some hair – often in a simple design – and then you can look in a handheld mirror and decide if you like it. More hair can always be removed, right to the Bare-All – smooth all over!
  • Where to leave hair
    • There also is confusion about where hair might be left – and that is expected because there are different answers. While many now use the term Brazilian to mean removing all genital hair, the original definition was that the hair covered by a thong bathing suit would not be removed. That is what we refer to as a Thong Brazilian, with hair remaining along the labia. Even in the Bare-All Brazilian — in which the labia are sugared bare — many women like to have some remaining hair in a design. The most popular is a thin line on the mons pubis known as a ”landing strip.” Besides a stripe, the two most popular shapes are a heart and an arrow.
    • At StudioSmooth, the “bottom line” is that we will do whatever you want within our guidelines of health and safety.
  • Positioning
    • Positioning for the Bare-All can feel a little awkward. Both women and men will need to help by stretching the skin, which must be tight to be sugared. Positioning for the labia may include that similar to gynecological visits, Positioning for the cleft and the outer anus often can be accomplished on the side. Remember that your StudioSmooth esthetician has seen it all! And that being totally smooth is worth a little blushing!
  • Sexual benefits
    • Many women extol the sexual benefits of sugaring. They say that “going bare” makes them feel sexier, and that their partners find them more attractive.
    • Beyond those sexy feelings, there actually are physical benefits. For thousands of years medical experts have known that while hair enhances warmth, it is not as clean as bare skin. Hair can easily hold unsanitary substances!
    • It is advised that you wait at least 24 hours after sugaring to have intercourse, which can irritate the newly bare skin.
  • When and how often to sugar
    • The best results occur when sugaring regularly. After the first sugaring, the hair should be removed early during the growth cycle, typically when it is between 1/32 and 1/8 inch. Hair growth is faster for some than others, but the usual recommendation is to get sugared every 3-6 weeks, while you still look bare. Clients who return for a “maintenance sugaring” within that time period are offered a discount. As you continue sugaring, fewer and fewer hairs will grow back, and eventually the time period between sugarings can be lengthened. For health and safety reasons, you should not sugar during your menstrual cycle, so please make your next appointment with that in mind. That is one reason why women on a regular 28-day cycle make their appointments at four-week intervals.
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