• What services are offered by StudioSmooth?
    • The licensed estheticians at StudioSmooth remove hair from all parts of the body, from the eyebrows to the ankles. Of course we are renowned for our expertise with the “nether regions.” Our sugarists are experienced with all skin colors and types. We have an absolute policy of non-discrimination and service to all. We sugar clients of all sizes; some larger men and some BBW’s (Big Beautiful Women) say they have been refused service elsewhere. And we are a GLBT-friendly company. Our licensed estheticians also can provide other esthiology services upon request, such as eyebrow tinting and facials.
    • For smoothies of all persuasions!
  • Who provides those services and what is their training?
    • All of our sugarists are estheticians licensed in Michigan, having taken a course of 6-9 months. Our estheticians also are certified as professional sugarists by the Alexandria company, which provides our sugar and is considered the most knowledgeable sugaring company in North America. Our sugarists even go beyond the Alexandria training, with additional training and experience with Brazilian and Bikini/Speedo techniques. And of course they are trained in other esthetician services.
  • What are the fees for sugaring?
    • A full price list is below.  Many of our services have ranges, within those ranges, the lower number is the fee for regular clients who come in for what is known as a “maintenance sugaring.” The higher number is for a new client who has never been to Studio Smooth before or a current client who has gone over the 4-6 week maintenance period.  Please note that fees are subject to change without notice, and that male fees are slightly higher. Discount specials are sometimes available currently including discounts for combined services, and for regular clients who refer new clients.
    • Female
      $59-$79 – Bare-All Brazilian $69-$89 – Bare-All Brazilian
      $49-$69 – Thong Brazilian $59-$79 – Thong Brazilian
      $39-$59 – Bikini $49-$69 – Speedo
      $9-$19 – Special designs other than “landing strip”
      $15 – eyebrow shaping $15 – eyebrow shaping
      $12 – lip $9 – nose
      $12 – chin/neck
      $9 – nose
      $35 – full face
      $19 – underarms $29 – underarms
      $29 – half arms $39 – half arms
      $39 – full arms $49 – full arms
      $35 – upper legs $40 – upper legs
      $65 – lower legs $80 – lower legs
      $100 – full legs $120 – full legs
      $49-$69 – chest or back
      $19 – Eyebrow tint $19 – Eyebrow tint
      $19 – Eyelash tint $19 – Eyelash tint

      Discounts: 3 services = 10% off 4 or more services = 15% off

      Clients receive a 10 percent discount on their next appointment by referring a new client. StudioSmooth accepts debit cards, Visa, MasterCard and cash. A personal check will be accepted on a regular client’s second “maintenance appointment.”

    • You’re worth it!
  • “No-Show is a No-No”
    • Your appointment time is reserved for you well ahead of time, and it is likely that your time cannot be filled if you were to cancel. PLEASE keep your appointment time! If you must change your appointment, please give us at least three days notice so we can fill that slot.
  • Where on the internet can I go to find out more? sweetspotonline.net: This is the very best site (besides our own) of a sugaring studio, which is owned by our good friend in Seattle, Lara Olsha. If you are a Pacific Northwesterner, contact her!


Alexandriaprofessional.com: While the Alexandria site is designed for sugaring professionals, there also is a lot of information for clients. Poke around a bit and you will find it!

  • Your skin will thank you