Thank you for 10 years in business! Studio Smooth has closed as of October 2018. We appreciate your business, especially our loyal customers. We are proud to have brought sugaring to Grand Rapids and the Midwest. If it weren’t for disloyal employees, we would still be serving you. Best wishes to all those who got sugared at Studio Smooth!

  • StudioSmooth removes your hair using the ancient art of sugaring –
    a time-honored technique perfected thousands of years ago.
  • The pure, 100 percent natural sugar “paste” – which looks and feels like honey – is more sanitary, better for your skin and less painful than any other hair removal process. Massage the sugar on, flick it off – and your hair is gone the sweet way!
  • Our licensed estheticians will remove hair from anywhere on the body, eyebrows to ankles, and we are known for our expertise with the “nether regions.” We do Bikini and Brazilians for women and for men. Many salons refuse to provide Brazilians for males, but we’re here for smoothies of all persuasions!

Video by Westward Entertainment Music Courtesy Chance Jones

Call (616) 632-1000 to schedule an appointment,

2169 Wealthy St SE,

East Grand Rapids, MI  49506